My garden is just coming to life. We moved to this new property last summer, I love it  but the garden was a mess, just weeds. so neglected. Last fall I planted a crop of pansies and they were all flowering nicely yesterday. flower-3171349_1920This morning I look out and there were only one or two blooms left.

I started singing “Where have all the Flowers gone…? ” (a folk classic written by Pete Seeger)

I barely got to the 2nd verse when I spotted a cute little bunny hop along the lawn… so, I grabbed my camera…  Ah he is so cute…The rabbit

Wait… where are you going?

Where is he going

I banged on the window… tried to scare him away…

He was very fast.Caught ya

There goes the last of the pansies.. Caught on camera with a mouthful.

I suspect the little rascal climbed under the fence… a very Inefficient barrier for such a cute little rabbit… He is lucky that Easter is coming… or I would be tempted to have me some rabbit stew.