Fire Art

The first fire of the season at the lake. And almost the last.  … our time here is Evanescent… fleeting… and will be gone in a wisp… We have sold as of June 1st and our lives will change forever.

The old is Evanescent, I am excited to begin a new adventure.

I took a lot of photos of the fire, I was fascinated with the dancing flames, the sparks, the ever-changing flames… What is seen one moment, is gone in an instant… I felt compelled to capture a moment in time.. Each frame is “Fire Art” … can you see the dancers? can you see the monsters, the figures of a human, an angel?

What do you see that the flames have painted?

I include a couple of quotes I have found and put them onto the Fire Art.Fire Art Yeats

Fire Art Edward Lear


22 thoughts on “Fire Art

  1. Wonderful shots and interpretation, Maggie! Fleeting memories of childhood campfires… I can feel the heat and smell the smoke watching those dancing flames you captured. Best wishes as you move on to your “non-campfire” chapter.

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