Abstract Fun Questions

Can you guess what is in the picture?  Leave me a comment with your best guess. I think the first one is the hardest. What do you think?

Chia pebbles

#1  not just black and white

Sea Urchin

#2 Strings of pearls

Sand Dollar

#3. Abstract nature


#4 Sparkling

And just for fun…

Magic Mountain

#5  Mountains in the mist

Abstract Fun


19 thoughts on “Abstract Fun Questions

  1. oh how fun is this! my guesses are:
    1) rock candy? not sure. that one is the toughest.
    2) sea urchin
    3) sand dollar
    4) the surface of a rock
    5) some distant peak zoomed right up close.
    am most confident about the sand dollar, as those are quite common on Vancouver Island’s west coast
    really enjoyed these. thanks for the great idea. i am officially pix & kardz, by the way, but for some reason i am unable to sign in that way. however kardz by kris also works 🙂


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