My Bucket List

My very flexible Bucket List: Write-it-down

  1. Go for a Hot Air Balloon ride
  2. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. (Work in progress)
  3. Go skinny-dipping in the moonlight. Completed  July 25/16 (my Birthday)
  4. Go to the Symphony
  5. Go to an Opera
  6. Hike at least 5km 3 times per week. (started in 2012 and still doing it.)
  7. Go dog sledding
  8. Ride a Segway
  9. Go to a Jazz Festival in a big city
  10. Take a cruise on the Amazon River
  11. visit Chile
  12. Take dancing lessons
  13. Hike the West Coast Trail
  14. travel to India and the Himalayas
  15. See a polar bear in the wild.
  16. Win a photography competition
  17. Sleep in a yurt.
  18. Learn to cross-country ski.
  19. Learn to Juggle. (a work in progress, but not looking good.)
  20. Visit San Francisco and ride the cable car
  21. Repel down a very high cliff
  22. Go Paragliding  Completed May 4, 2017 Loved it!!
  23. Travel to Asia
  24. Eat in a sidewalk cafe in Paris
  25. Go on a meditation retreat
  26. Learn to recognize 10 constellations.
  27. Dip my toe in the Arctic Ocean.
  28. Visit all 50 American States    (been to 28)
  29. Travel the Oregon Coast
  30. Fly a plane (take a flying lesson). Completed July 30, 2016
  31. Go to the Olympics
  32. Go bird-watching at Point Pelee park during the fall or spring migration
  33. Win a writing contest
  34. Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in the wild
  35. Join an organization with a humanitarian cause
  36. Organize all my old photos (a large box full) into albums.
  37. Photograph an owl in the wild.
  38. Learn to identify mushrooms in the wild.

The Clock is ticking, I need seriously work at getting things done.

I  have had a bucket list for more years than I can count. these are some of the things I have slowly checked off my Bucket list:

  • Travel to Africa and go on a safari   Completed Nov 2003 Africa photos
  • Stand on the Equator   Completed Dec 2003
  • go rock climbing. Complete in 2011 see photos here
  • Retire   Finally Dec  1 2010
  • See the Grand canyon   June 2011
  • Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen  Completed sept 2012
  • Take art lessons– completed Sept 2013 and ongoing See some of my art here
  • Go para-sailing Completed Feb 2014
  • walk a half marathon race  …. Completed May 2009
  • Travel to Newfoundland – Completed July 2015 Newfoundland photos


    Lounging in Wood Buffalo National Park

  • Go White Water Rafting… completed Sep 1, 2012
  • go zip-lining completed in Panama in 2001
  • Stand on the Arctic Circle  Complete Aug 2011
  • Fly in a 2 seater plane  Done 1998
  • Climb  on the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, Mt Robson.   completed Aug 2011
  • Travel to the Arctic  Aug 2011
  • learn to sail – Completed in the 70’s
  • take Skiing lessons Completed at age 26
  • Visit all 10 Canadian Provinces  completed July 2015
  • Go to at least 25 Zumba classes  Completed March 2015
  • Ride in a helicopter  Sep 2011
  • Learn to knit –  completed sort of.. but Hated it.. Oct. 2013