What has happened to me? I used to be almost normal. I was satisfied just sitting outdoors, relaxing and enjoying a beer. Now, I am always on watch, on the look out, camera in hand. Its exhausting.

There comes a time when one must ask serious questions.

  • How did I become a Bird Nerd?
  • When did my obsession fascination with birds take over my life?
  • What was the origin of this addiction to birdwatching?Cardinal Seranade

It started innocently. We were enjoying our morning cup of Java on the deck, when the curious song of a cardinal disturbed the silence. I turned and there he was… sitting on the top of a tree, serenading us and looking splendid, his red feathers especially brilliant in the morning sun.

Morning after morning, he sang to us, morning after morning, I tried to take a decent photo, but he was so far away. I cropped and he was just too blurry..

The month of May came and it was time to spend weekends at the lake. I had a great idea… lets buy a bird feeder. I would soon be able to photograph this elusive red bird.

The feeder became the hangout of every bird within miles.

Colorful birds, The pure yellow of the Goldfinch, the beautiful blue Indigo Bunting, The brilliant orange of a Baltimore Oriole.

I was hooked. Bird book in hand, I was identifying sparrows and grosbeak, catbird and swallows. I was photographing Osprey chicks in the nest with Mama Osprey hunting for a meal.

But not a solitary Cardinal has ventured near the feeder. I was disappointed.

And then…

while walking in the Ken Reid Conservation Area yesterday…

THERE HE WAS!!!!… My Cardinal… I am satisfied..


Now I am off to find an Owl. (This obsession is scaring me)…  I am thankful that this addiction is simple and Pure…  it could be worse…

This is my Origin Story