Three of the sculptures on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each one showing partners. The Sandmen, a living piece of art,  are two men who set up their chess game every evening, offering tourists a “sandy” drink and a “photo op”. They have been Partners for years and a must see while walking along the seawall.

To create the “Puerto Vallarta Dancers”, the artist Jim Demetro found his inspiration in the youthful energy, in the subtle movements and the colorful regional costumes that the Xiutla Municipal Folkloric Ballet wears during its shows.The Xiutla Ballet is a Mexican cultural folkloric dance organism made up of children and youth from Puerto Vallarta.

The “Nostalgiasculpture was created by Mexican artist Ramiz Barquet,  who created this sculpture to symbolize his love story with his wife Nelly. “Nostalgia” shows a couple sitting next to each other on a granite bench, dreaming and looking toward the sea, the mountains, the city and life with immense happiness and a love that flourished with the passage of time, until it finally came true.

The following photo shows the feet of the lovers of the Nostalgia sculpture, with my partner seen through their legs.

Nostalgia couples legs with my partner in the background

Reference: Puerto Vallarta Vacation Guide