My parents planted the seeds of wanderlust in my soul long before I was old enough to go to school. We would sit around the table after supper and listen to wonderful tales of India where my family lived before my birth.. Dad explained how he fulfilled his dream and immigrated to Canada.

My father also loved to read the National Geographic Magazine and he would share what he learned about Africa and Brazil and a myriad of exotic lands. My heart became restless. I was filled with longing to know those places, to discover the world. I was filled with a WANDERLUST.

Now I spend the winter in Mexico and in the summer, I love a road-trip exploring Canada and the United States. I love to travel and wander.

I share a few photos of Atlantic PUFFINS… because it took over 50 years, from the time my father showed me a photo of a puffin and I fell in love with birds, until I finally traveled to Newfoundland. It was there, on a rugged Atlantic shore, that I was able to walk among the wild puffins, fulfilling one of my lifelong Wanderlust dreams.