Do You See Their Face? (Beach Vendors)

The beaches are crowded with tourists enjoying the warm sunshine, swimming and drinking a margarita or a cerveza or two.IMG_5449

Like many other tropical destinations, spending time at the beach includes the vendors.  Puerto Vallarta is no exception.

Do you look at the vendors? Do you see their faces? P1180273Who are these people? Each one has a story, a struggle, a family. Beach Venderse

Day after day they trudge from one end of the beach to the other trying to make a living. They carry their goods awkwardly.Beach Vendersq

Day after day the “rich” tourists say “no Gracias” or simply ignore them. (I know they have to put up with rudeness too often and do it graciously)  So many sellers and so few tourists are buying. It is a hard life.  Their faces become lost in the crowd.

Next time look at them carefully… can you see the sadness in their eyes? the weariness in their shoulders?

Often they enjoy a break, a moment to chat.

Give them a smile… they will smile back.Beach Vendersm

They are unique, they have names, stories and struggles. They are more than just A Face in the Crowd.


3 thoughts on “Do You See Their Face? (Beach Vendors)

  1. Amen. All the over the world people struggling to make a living. This is the reality. We do not need to buy out of guilt, but we need to “see” them – acknowledge them, as people. No need for rudeness. Look at them, smile, be polite. Well said.


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