At the north end of the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are a couple of seafood restaurants. We love to sit there on a sunny afternoon beside the ocean, enjoying a cerveza and watching the birds Congregate. Fish are filleted in the restaurant and from time to time, a small crate of the remains are taken to the shore for the birds. What a show! PV Birdsbq The pelicans dominate the congregation but the Snowy Egrets and the pigeons are there to grab a scrap too.

Even the Magnificent Frigatebirds swoop in for a treat. Interestingly, they do not land. When one picks up a morsel on the fly, the others will fight for it in the air. It is quite the aerial battle and fun to watch.

This Brown Pelican has bit off a bit more than he could chew.PV Birdsi

He struggled for a while, but finally swallowed his lunch.

This is the best way to go bird-watching… sitting in the Ocean Azul Restaurant with a cold beer or two, my feet in the sand and my camera at the ready.