The crowds gathered for the “Down Puerto Vallarta 2017”, a urban bicycle competition in Downtown Puerto Vallarta on April 30th.


These extreme cyclists ride their bicycles downhill, through a panoramic, 900-meter track going from the La Cruz viewpoint (near the tower in the photo) to the Malecon. They must exhibit great Control as the course takes them down steep slopes and stairways, over cobblestone streets and up and over several ramps. The enthusiastic crowd cheered wildly while snapping photos.

First we watched from the crowded Malecon, which is the final jump of the race.

After lunch, we went different location for a better viewpoint. Some of these photos show the height these cyclists fly on their way down the track.

We have climbed to La Cruz (the Cross) and you can see photos of the terrain and some of the route cyclists take here.

Patrick Robinson used a go pro on his helmet and captured a practice run.  If you want to check out the exciting ride Click here