Puerto Vallarta is a coastal Mexican city with many hills. On one hill, behind the Cathedral, a large cross overlooks the city. There is a spectacular view as a reward for making the arduous climb.

Through narrow streets and up many stairways, we made our way over to that section of town.

By the time we reached the long staircase that leads to the cross, I was ready to take the funicular (outdoor elevator) but… it was not operating, so we had to climb.

The climbing is worth it, the view breathtaking. There is a viewing platform (yes more stairs) and i climbed to the top and rested in the beauty of the bay, the colours of Puerto Vallarta and the hills beyond.Climb17Climb21

We decided to take a different route home, down through the woods and the narrow streets. Climb24Climb23

The narrow streets

Our Climbing was rewarded with a cold Cervesa.