Puerto Vallarta has sunshine, beaches, great food and lots of art galleries. It is also a city with statues. Weird, wonderful, out of this world statues. An enjoyable way to see some statues is a walk along the famous Malecon. There you will see some fascinating art sculpted by local and foreign artists.

An especially interesting spot is called the “La Rotonda del Mar” (The Roundabout of the Sea) by Alejandro Colunga.  It is a series of chairs in a large circle or roundabout. He designed these statues as seats, believing that the constant use and touching created a beautiful patina on the art. and people do sit, loving the photo-op.DSC_0194

The details in the individual statues are fascinating.

the faces:

The hands and feet are particularly out of this world. there is so much detail in each statue.

There is also the fascinating “El Sutil Comepiedras”, The Subtle Rock Eater by Guadalajara artist Jonás Gutiérrez. DSC_0213

Jonás’ works mostly inhabit an alternate reality, more dreamlike than down-to-earth, more scary or disturbing than your average sculpture. One thing is certain, they are never dull nor derivative; unique and with a personal style is what stands out when you admire them. “The Subtle Stone Eater” by Jonás Gutiérrez (2006)

It’s a 2.4-meter-high, bronze-and-obsidian sculpture with a weird and wonderful story.  The artist tells us that he feels that negative emotions are like stones which we swallow through life.  This guy then must be digesting negativity at an alarming rate. Perhaps that is why he is both fascinating and repulsive.  I do love the details.

A very popular photo-op is the “Searching for Reason” (En busca de la razón) by Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante.  Pillow head characters climb higher and higher searching for an answer… and so do the tourists, all imitating the pillow heads with a look and a reach.IMG_9167

The statues are definitely Out of This World.