Cameron Lake

Travelling across Vancouver Island on Highway 4 toward Port Alberni, I fell in love with Cameron Lake when I was a child. The road winds along the waters edge. There is a beautiful view of the lake and on the far shore, the mesmerizing sight of several railway trestles. (I have always had a fascination with railways, with trains and especially with trestles.)

When I moved home to BC, I heard the trains had stopped running on this line many years ago. While it is not officially a “Rail Trail”, many people hike along the abandoned railroad. We decided to see what it was like.

We parked the car at the east end of the lake and followed Chalet Road, past a Trailer Park and walked over a bridge. Just up a small rise, we found the railway line.

As I child I could run along the rails, now balancing is a little tougher.

Colourful wildflowers lined the track.

After a few kilometers, we reached the first trestle. The wood is rotting quickly and in some places, it has broken away completely, making the trestle look unsafe in places. We were cautious as we ventured across.

It was a bit scary walking out onto the trestle as it has rotted in places, some of the lumber has given way and We had to watch our steps.

On our hike back to the car, we met a couple who were clearing the brush and fallen trees from the track. They hoped to make it a bike trail as they enjoyed riding into Port Alberni, a distance of about 25 Kilometers from their trailer camp.

On our way to the the Trestle, we climbed over some fallen trees, on our way back, they were cleared away.

I must go on this trail again. Its easy to hike on, no hills, no traffic, not crowded and I LOVE Railway lines. Next time I want to start at the west end of Cameron Lake.