Peace Arch
A symbol of peace between two countries… an open border. Here is hoping the current leaders keep the peace.

The Peace Arch, which stands 20.5 metres (67 ft) tall, was built by Sam Hill and dedicated in September 1921, and commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. The monument is built on the exact United StatesCanada boundary, between Interstate 5 and Highway 99, in the grass median between the northbound and southbound lanes.

The Peace Arch has the flags of United States and Canada mounted on its crown, and two inscriptions on both sides of its frieze. The inscription on the U.S. side of the Peace Arch reads “Children of a common mother”, and the words on the Canadian side read “Brethren dwelling together in unity”. Within the arch, each side has an iron gate mounted on either side of the border with an inscription above each gate: the one on the east side read “May these gates never be closed”, while on the west side read “1814 Open One Hundred Years 1914”. (Wikipedia)

The Rainbow has come to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.  It represents different things in different countries and cultures, but it always comes back to peace among diversity. Humans are all the same, people with different religions, cultures, colours and sexuality, but one thing remains, we make something beautiful… a rainbow.

Rainbow Crosswalk
The rainbow crosswalk in Nanaimo BC celebrates and reminds us all of the beauty of diversity.

At the Maffeo Sutton Park at the waterfront, flags from the many nations that participate in the annual Nanaimo International Folk Festival. I love that countries can come together to celebrate and share what we all have in common. I wish that all countries will be able to in the future.Nanaimo International Folk Festival Society flags