The Alex Fraser Bridge crosses the Fraser River in Vancouver BC, Canada. The lines are very artistic. It is a “cable stayed bridge, a type of bridge dating back to the 1500’s. The cables that support the bridge hang from the towers rather than from cables as they do on a suspension bridge. (The bridge was named for a politician, no relation to the explorer Simon Fraser who the river is named for)

String art Bridge
A cable-stayed bridge

Every time I go over the bridge, I think it looks like String Art. Remember the craze?  It was in the 70’s I think. Coloured thread strung between pins or nails to making designs or pictures.

Did you have a picture done with String?  Were you an expert in this craft? Have you ever heard of a String art picture?

I had one made by my sister-in-law. It was a very large sailboat. (This one is similar).

Sail Boat

It was quite elaborate and done on a black velvet background. A true masterpiece. My husband loved it.  It hung prominently in our home for too many years. Finally the lines of the string eventually became too dusty and fragile to clean and it had to be ceremoniously disposed of. (I suppose one could say it had good Lines.)