Bus Ride from Hell

We left the hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta on a sunny morning, seeking peace in the quiet village of San Sebastian del Oeste in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The regular detour was closed for repair, sending us on a bus ride from hell, a bus ride that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Bus Ride26

I had visions of the news report. “Canadian tourists among the dead in a Mexican Bus accident”

Bus Ride13

A hair-pin turn so sharp and the road so narrow, the driver had to make a three-point turn to get around the bend.

Bus Ride10

Riding in the front seat gave me a great view of the danger as  the driver maneuvered each of the hairpin turns.

Bus Ride7

a very narrow washed out section, flowing like a river!

Bus Ride4

The twists and turns along the cliff seemed endless.


A welcome sight indeed!

San Sebastian

The peaceful village of San Sebastian Del Oeste.

We arrived safely with a Story to tell.


7 thoughts on “Bus Ride from Hell

  1. I felt stressed just reading this and seeing your photos! Yup…. been through that “pit in the stomach” feeling on a bus ride before. Most memorable a night bus around mountain curves in Peru that left us exhausted and shaken. Next day we read about a number of buses that had gone off the edge! Whew.


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