I love to take the candid photos. In and around Puerto Vallarta it is especially fun, there is an innocence still. Children are so sweet… and captivating to watch.  Their interactions with others are honest and quite adorable at times.

Along the Cuale river, we came across this sweet little girl riding with her father. (She does have a rope around here waist, a “seat-belt” of sorts).never too young

Just before entering the river, she very sweetly leaned over to grab the reins and “do it myself”.Child on a horse

We were sitting in a small restaurant near the same river, enjoying the view and a cerveza when a couple of young children came in selling candies. After making the rounds they went down near the river and I caught them checking their loot. Serious business transactions. (they did quite well).The deal

Walking along the beach is another favourite pass time. These girls were busy building a sandcastle.Sandcastle

As I walked by, I had a better look, and laughed. notice the girl in the blue.. she is sure enjoying herself at her brothers expense.sandcastle indeed

These boys were climbing in and out of a fishing boat near the waterfront seafood restaurant at the end of the Malecon.

Pucker up…The kiss

A Sweet young lady and a dog… I love street photography.Girl and dog

Note: the parents were near by and agreeable to the photos.