The Texture of an Arbutus Tree

There is a special tree that grows on the rocky Pacific coastline. If you travel the coast from southern British Columbia to Northern California, you will undoubtedly remember this beautiful tree for the unusual beauty of its brightly coloured, peeling bark.Arbutus4

It is a very special tree, growing on rocky ground and usually within 8 km of the ocean. It is Canada’s only broadleaf evergreen tree. Its leaves are dark on top and pale underneath, with a leathery texture. The Arbutus flowers have a strong honey smell which attracts the bees. Fruit-eating birds such as waxwings and robins eat the berries.

When lovers carve their initials in a tree, the mark lasts a very long time. I wonder if the lovers who carved into this arbutus realized how quickly the initials would peel away.  I hope their love lasts longer than the damage carving they did.Arbutus3


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