How Many Eggs do Robins Lay?

I am watching a robin’s nest at the trailer next door. Everything I read tells me a robin lays 4-5 eggs… however.. next door is a nest where each day another egg appears. A week ago there were 6 then the next day 7. Now we count at least 10… I see the robins on the lawn but rarely at the nest. I wonder what is going to happen.

The first photo taken on May 31, the smaller photo today, June 1… its hard to tell if there is actually another egg because the grasses are covering the eggs a bit more now.


14 thoughts on “How Many Eggs do Robins Lay?

    • I was wondering about that, I read that a robin keeps laying until it ” feels” right… So of 2 females are on the same nest, I wonder, will that happen?


  1. Well, we may have a similar case in Aurora Indiana. We have an american robin nest that we noticed a couple eggs in last week and today I counted 8 eggs! So we too are looking for answers and curious to see what happens!

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    • I have come to the conclusion that Robins share nests? maybe? I hope all your chicks survive. Keep me posted. This was at a neighbours and we moved across country before they hatched.


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