On the trail in the jungle near a small village in Mexico, we heard the tell-tale rapping of a Woodpecker. Spotting him in the Bamboo excavating a hole, I started photographing his work.

Such a beautiful golden head, with those big eyes and a touch of red on top. and his striped “jacket”, a fine looking bird.Golden-Cheeked Woodpeckr5

He was working diligently, then peeked inside to check his work.

That’s when it happened……

Golden Cheeked antics

I think he was trying to turn around rather than back out of the hole….. he became a bundle of feathers… wings and feet…

Golden Cheeked antics 2

That’s when I caught him…

upside down, falling off his perch… Unmoored so to speak..

Golden Cheeked Antics 3

Un-ruffled.. He quickly flipped upright and went on about his business, and we continued on the hike to the waterfalls.Golden-Cheeked Woodpeckr3