Dusty Path to Qimixto

There are no roads to Qimixto, a village south of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. There are 3 ways to get there: Water Taxi, horseback or walk… We took the water Taxi to Las Aminas (another village with no roads) then hiked an hour along the narrow coastal trail to Qimixto.

Once we reached the village, we had a cerveza at a tiny beach bar before looking for the trail that would take us up into the jungle to the waterfall.

We were a bit skeptical when we found the very wide river bed, was totally dry.  A couple of months ago, we visited the village and there was a lot of water, a heron fishing and several other water birds. We looked at each other.  both of us wondering… “with no water here… will there be a waterfall up there?”


We decided to press on…

Before long,

we found some water..

a trickle really,

the water seemed to vanish into the sand before our eyes…

we crossed over on the conveniently placed rocks and sandbags and along a lovely trail heading into the jungle.

The path soon became more of a trench. It felt as if we were walking through the earth.. rocks and dirt hanging precariously above us. We were climbing through the earth.


A group of young boys on horseback raised a lot of dust as they headed up to the waterfall, they seemed comfortable on the trail and I knew this was a regular route for these village children.Q99

Eventually, we were rewarded for our climb through the dusty earth.. we reached the waterfall…Q91

I am sure that in the rainy season, this would be a spectacular sight..we could see the path the water had cut through the rock.

I would like to see this falls in all its glory, but I am thankful there was no rain or mud along the trail. There are so many wonderful places to explore on this Earth, this part of Mexico is one of my favourites.


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