The earth… our home! What does it mean to you? .. Life? Beauty? Diversity?

Everywhere I travel, I am amazed and in awe of the diversity, of the people, the cultures and the earth itself.

A traveler sees the landscape constantly changing.

From north of the Arctic Circle

to the Canadian Prairies

tracks From the canyons and salt flats of Utah

I am standing on a salt desert
Standing on salt not ice!
a salt flat copy
Looks like a frozen lake

a threesome

To the Rocky Mountainssnowy peaks

From the rugged coast of Newfoundland


And the Rain Forests of British ColumbiaDSC_0434 (1)

and the beauty of Mexico and its beaches.

Secret beach

Our Earth is magnificent in all its beauty and it is our home. Lets treat it with all the care we can. Climate change is speeding up… do NOT let the self serving greed of big business convince you otherwise. If you are not convinced, read Permafrost is Collapsing due to Climate Change and A Students Guide to Climate Change in Alaska or google “Is Climate Change Real” and judge for yourself.