Trails at Vallarta Botanical Gardens

We love to visit the Jardin Botanico Vallarta while we are here in Mexico for the winter. The flowers, especially the orchids are beautiful, there are many birds, a great view and a restaurant serving wonderful foods.

The other thing we especially enjoy are the hiking trails. The pathways near the gardens take you through the jungle. Each path includes cement steps, but none are ordinary, all have unique designs and shapes. There are even swinging bridges to test your balance.

There is a more “difficult” trail… The Jaguar Trail...  from the river, it climbs back up to the gardens rather steeply, with many switchbacks. I was glad that we were in the shade, because it was a very hot, dry day.

BG Paths15

looking back at the one of the many Switchbacks

BG Paths14

climbing up from the river through the jungle.

Those railings are for your safety, but a closer look made me a bit wary, that duck tape is unraveling…

But it’s OK, there is a sign… Please watch your step, so they are covered. In Mexico it is assumed that you will be responsible for your own safety… If you fall, you should have been more careful. A law suit is not an option…

BG Paths16

enough said.

For other paths and trails, see Cees Blog



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