Semana Santa Begins

Let the fun begin!!

Today is Palm Sunday and the first day of Semana Santa here in Puerto Vallarta. I awoke to the sound of church bells ringing loud and long. In Mexico, almost 90% of the population claim to be Roman Catholic and “Holy Week” or Semana Santa is a family celebration.

Outside the Cathedral… Our Lady of Guadeloupe… weavers lined both sides of the street and were selling elaborate crosses and decorations made from palm leaves. I remember learning to make small palm crosses at the church when I was a child, but nothing like these masterpieces.  I could not resist… I bought one for 50 pesos.

Children are off school and a lot of Mexican families travel at this time, many heading to the beach towns like Puerto Vallarta.

It is already crowded, some estimates say the hotels are at 100% occupancy and most of the Snowbirds have already headed back north. We elected to stay and enjoy all that Semana Santa has to offer.


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