Homeless yet still Secure

What makes you feel secure?… A safe bridge to cross?


Your children riding “safely” on top of your car?… yikes!


Maybe glass shards to keep the hoodlums out of your yard?P1110984

I am homeless… not “out on the street”, but homeless none the less and yet I feel secure. In January, Dave and I gave up our home, gave away a good portion of our belongings and put the rest in storage. We are in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, renting a small one bedroom place up in the hills with a fabulous view. We have no other home at the moment and do not know where we will end up when we return to Canada in May… and YET I feel secure.

We … together… made a decision to move across the country and experience the west coast. We came to Mexico for the winter and will drive across the country this summer and figure out where we will live. There is a big unknown looming in our future, but.. we are willing to risk security for the adventure. I know my security comes from the shared love and willingness to risk because we have each other.…

It has not always been this way for me.   There was always uncertainty in my life with my first husband. Yes, we owned a home and I had a steady income, yet I never felt secure. It was not the Security of a roof over my head that meant anything to me.  There was always tension, there was always fear. With fear comes insecurity.

I am now in a relatively new relationship… only 2 ½ years, yet, Dave has shown me a new world. I feel safe for the first time. I feel security in our homelessness…


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