The Narrow Runway

I was given a wonderful gift for my birthday by a fellow blogger at “Life as I See It – with one eye closed”.  Imagine… a flying lesson, a bucket list item.  see number 32.

Mike, the pilot trainer, met me at the small local airport and we climbed into the narrow cockpit.

ready for take-off

Ready for take-off in the narrow cockpit.

Flying lesson

Ready for take-off in the narrow cockpit.

We sat shoulder to shoulder as he gave me instructions and explained some of the many dials and buttons.

As we taxied out to the runway, Mike explained that when we reached the end of the runway, we would turn, then accelerate. When we reached 50 mph, I was to pull back on the stick, firmly and slowly. My mind went blank as I realized he wanted ME to actually do the take off!! BUT… “I can’t”… “I am afraid”… all the excuses flew around in my head… I calmed myself quickly and all I could say was “how far do I pull back?

Taxiing down the runway

Taxiing down the runway

We were off… faster and faster… and Mike said calmly  “Now… pull back and lift us into the air..”

Take off

I did it, I am airborne, I am a pilot!

What a thrill… we rose higher and higher… eventually he showed me how to level off. We practiced banking left and right, gaining altitude and descending. I was flying..

We flew over the Kawartha Lakes countryside, over Sturgeon Lake, Balsam Lake, Cameron Lake and all the way to Lake Simcoe.

A very short hour later, we were back at the airport and descended toward the runway. Mike took the controls. (He could not allow me to attempt a landing,I sat back with a big sigh of relief)

With no fear, I looked out toward the Narrow runway, as we descended closer and closer and gently touched down. Big smiles and I am Craving my next lesson. Anyone know where I can buy a good used airplane, cheap?

Landed safely

Landed safely and I am still smiling


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