Write it Down.

I was once told that if I want to reach my goals, I should write them down. I was advised that if I wanted to become a happier person, I had to take a long hard look at what made me unhappy. I had to stop blaming others and develop my own character. I needed to think about what I needed to do to improve myself and write it down.

This was A Piece of Advice  that has changed my outlook and made me a person that I enjoy being. I feel like I have a plan, a goal, something to strive for and accomplish. I was wallowing in the doldrums, spinning my wheels, so to speak.

My list included things like… “Stop spending time with the wrong people”  “Stop being afraid to make a mistake” and “Stop looking to others for happiness.”

That was many years ago and my list has changed and evolved. Many things have been completed and a few new goals or desires added.

Bucket List_edited-1

My list transformed into a Bucket List about 15 years ago.

It is easy to get in a rut. Too often we end up doing the same things over and over, going to the same places, because it is comfortable and easy. Then we complain because it feels like life is passing us by, nothing exciting is happening.

It is a choice we make,  It is up to us. We need to choose to step out of the box, to just go for it sometimes. 

When we think of a a bucket list , we often think of travel destinations, but it also should include a number of things we would like to do, accomplish or change in our day to day life.bucket list

Do you want to read more? Be more social? Give up a bad habit? Learn to play an instrument? Take a cooking class? Lose weight? Take a yoga class? You are in control. Write it all down, make it “official”. Not everything costs money.

Your list becomes a plan of sorts. Read it over from time to time to get inspired. Set time frames for some of the items. decide which items are a priority and make a start.

When you complete something, there is great pleasure in checking it off your list. It feels good and we all like that sense of accomplishment.

I have updated my bucket list. I am going to make it a page on this blog so I can look at it when I feel bored and make a plan to try something new from my list. 

I challenge you to do the same…  Feel free to link your bucket list to mine and we can all share our goals and dreams.


3 thoughts on “Write it Down.

  1. Great advice and I truly agreed! I write everything down that I want to accomplish. I have notes and lists for myself every where as reminders, and while I find I need to refresh them regularly, it helps me focus more than if I left all my goals simply floating around in my head.

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