This Female Mallard Duck has great balance.
“I can do the Tree Pose” This Female Mallard Duck has great balance.
This Robin practices the Downward Dog all day long.
Common Loon stretching out of the water
A loon showing off his Tall Mountain Pose.
The gull tries to do a Warrior pose but the angle is a little off. Thats why we “practice” yoga… keep at it Gull.
Mountain pose
The grackle can do a Tall Mountain pose too.
The triangle in water is quite difficult.
Warrior 2
How about that? the swan shows off her Warrior pose.
Indigo Bunting
The little Indigo Bunting is trying to do a side bend, he hopes to whittle his bulging Belly with Yoga.
Common Loon
Can a Loon do a forward bend?
Extended side angle
The Extended Side Angle pose, beautifully executed by the gull
Common Grackle does the Downward Dog Yoga pose.
Loon practicing the Back Bend

Some Birds do Yoga in the Water