Can you hop on one leg?

One is not a number I associate with the Common Grackle.

Balancing on one leg is not easy

I often sit on the deck up at the lake, watching the birds at the feeders. The Common Grackle is a bird that I consider a nuisance, a loud bully of a bird… We have a “Gaggle of Grackles” fighting over the seeds, scaring away all the pretty little Goldfinch and the Chickadees. Grackles rarely come to the feeder alone.

Common Grackle

He is a mean looking bird

We have one unusual regular visiter among the many of its kind. We noticed his unusual hop, his slight lean to the left. He is a little unsteady at the small feeder. We soon realized, this little fellow has just one leg. I have a hard time balancing for long on one leg so I admire this unusual bird. Hopping everywhere, landing on the one leg, he seems to manage very well.



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