Feathered Faces

It was cold at the lake this weekend and I spent a lot of time. cozy and warm, watching the birds at the feeders from inside. The feeders were very busy, with a colourful variety of visiting faces.

Indigo Buntings, Goldfinch (Wild Canaries), Black Capped Chickadees and Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. And off course the Blue Jays were abundant.

I was surprised by a visit from a Couple of Baltimore Orioles and a Hairy Woodpecker.


Baltimore Oriole


Hairy Woodpecker

There were Sparrows showing their faces and, for the first time, I didn’t lump them all under the “sparrow” name. I took the time to look them up and found at least three I could identify.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some other faces around the feeder were the Grackles, Brown Headed Cowbirds, Robins, Mourning DovesGrackle and out in the canal a couple of families of Canada Geese each with a cute goose Face.Canada Geese



13 thoughts on “Feathered Faces

  1. what a delightful collection of faces. i didn’t know that there were so many varieties of sparrows. always happy to see them, as i heard/read somewhere that they are declining in numbers.
    the face over at my post would love to see all these faces 🙂 thanks for sharing.


    • There is one, the house sparrow that seems to be declining. They never build nests in trees, preferring old barns and crevices in old houses. our modern houses leave no room for a sparrow nest. There are other suggested reasons, like pollution, pesticides and more predators. I will be watching for them in the coming weeks.


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