I Found my Why, my Raison d’être

In this busy and often chaotic life, we need to find a place to release the tensions we have gathered in our soul.
I have found such a place. I have found my Raison D’être, I have found the “why” I need to create. I have found the reason I have a blog, the reason I pursue art and creating in a number of genres.

I create to escape.

I create for many reasons. Enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction but I also find that while I create, it allows me to escape from stress, from the negative energy that bombards me as I wander along life’s road. I am not escaping from my day to day life, because I love my life. Its the little barbs I gather in a day that pile on the stress. It’s that person who cut me off in traffic, that person who was rude to me, its that plate I broke, that toe I stubbed or that pound I gained. Its the news report of yet another disaster.


With each stroke of the brush, tension and stress is released

The stress of all the things that I cannot control, seem to melt away when I allow my inner artist to emerge.. My anxiety levels drop, frustration and anger dwindle and I feel a glorious sense of well-being and satisfaction.
Whether it is through art or photography, pottery or writing, creating enhances my life in wonderful ways. I find creating is a form of meditation or perhaps you may call it mindfulness. My ability to focus has increased and my general health is improving.

I stand before an easel, brush in hand and the world fades away. I am alone. I become lost in the creative process.Before a blank canvass The paint flows onto the paper and with each brush stroke, I am set free from the captivity of stress. There are no rules that keep me bound. There is no right and wrong. If I am pleased with the outcome, I feel a sense of accomplishment. If I am not satisfied, I crumple up the paper and toss it in the trash. It does not matter, I find freedom in starting over.


I often create in a group setting, in an art class or a pottery class. Even with others around me. I still become lost in the process.

The moment I sit at the potters wheel, the rest of the group fades to the background. The lump of clay and I have to work together. It is a battle to center the clay on the wheel. It takes force to make the clay balance on the wheel. I release a sigh when the clay surrenders, allowing the creation of a vessel to begin. It is at that moment that I escape the world around me.

Sometimes a pot will get the best of me and want to be… lets say.. unique, but that’s OK.
At the end of the day,  I can celebrate and enjoy my creation.


25 thoughts on “I Found my Why, my Raison d’être

  1. “I create to escape.” Yes. I understand this concept. You can get so wrapped into art (no matter the form) that you can go to another place, which I find very valuable when things around me are spinning. That is one of the reasons that I began to journal years ago. The therapeutic value can be immeasurable. Thank you for posting!


  2. ~ Lovely creations! You know what, I tried to paint but my painting looks bizaare or so I thought (it looks awful I think so I didn’t post it). 😦 Sometimes I want to decide that maybe it’s not for me but the need to create is so strong that we can’t suppress it. 🙂 Btw, I love your tea pot (last image). Keep up the good work and More Power to you! – Bliss, The Lurker’s List 🙂


      • I tried painting this summer, a photo of it is featured in my blog’s header for the time being. My technique needs much work and probably some proper training. Creative and unique it may be – however, I seek to one day paint things that actually look realistic.


  3. ” I become lost in the creative process” – too often, i think, people tend to view escape as a shortened way of saying ‘superficial escapism’ (which is not inherently a bad thing), when it can mean losing the ‘self’ into a greater flow, a greater energy, one that is by its nature compassionate and serene, even though it is directed towards creating some ‘thing’ in the world.

    You are blessed with embracing this second kind of escape and it shows in your wonderful work. It is amazing how many people feel uncomfortable when such a state of being (and becoming) occurs. I remember many moons ago when i was attending an alternative high school, Nova, and the primary art teacher Greg was having us do exercises from the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” (I see now that it was published in 1979, so it had only been on the shelves for about two years at the time Greg was using it). One of the exercises had us holding an object under the table so we could not see it, and then to draw it based on touching alone (each of us had our own unique item). One girl became frustrated and unsettled to the point she broke down in tears, saying she couldn’t do it. It was the clearest lesson to me at the time as how our school system, our society, crushes this connection to our creative selves, we no longer know how to escape into it, and if we find ourselves in it by chance, we freak out.

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    • Too often the creative spirit is stifled and literally crushed by what society dictates. Escaping into creating for me allows me to let go of all judgement of what’s supposed to be allowing the freedom to enjoy the process no matter the result. I hope the young lady overcame that trauma and learned to let go.

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  4. You’re so gifted! I used to love painting but I rarely have the energy to get the tools, too lazy. But once I did, it is such a release. Yes, create surely to escape from world’s negativity.

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  5. I agree that any creative moment is a form of mindfulness, certainly in the sense of forgetting about your stresses for a while. Mindfulness alone is difficult, it can be very frustrating, on the other hand it is easy to be in the moment with creativity. Maggie you have talent and clearly have found your Raison d’etre, I love your art and pottery. I especially love that you sometimes find a uniqueness in your pots, a truly creative way to look at it. It’s not always about being perfect is it, thankyou for a really gentle and lovely story Maggie
    Hugs from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

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  6. Beautiful paintings and creations! We have so much in common. I paint to release stress too, its very good for my mental health. I always say that painting, photography and blogging keeps me from being insane, lol. You wrote and explained your feelings perfectly! Its like reading my own thoughts and feelings, I think I found a soulmate 🙂

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