And Then Dinner Wandered By.

Dave is wonderful, he was busy cooking our dinner while I sat on the deck photographing the deer eating their dinner. Just two deer today. Often we have up to six hanging around the field beyond the pond.

I heard the distinct pecking of a woodpecker before I saw it. He was digging for some bugs for dinner. I am sure glad I do not have to forage and bang my head to fill my stomach.

As I watched the deer eating, a turkey wandered in front of the pond. All I could think about was the weekly Photo Challenge… dinnertime…Dinner



4 thoughts on “And Then Dinner Wandered By.

  1. I love wild turkeys. I’m convinced I saw the tail end of one (literally) as it slipped behind some brush while I was hiking the other day. It was on the other side of a river, so I just stood there waiting for it to come out of the cover. But it never did. I find it remarkable how elusive these birds can be, especially given the brashness of their domestic relatives.


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