My Future Masterpiece

I can feel an electric charge in my fingers as I squeeze the tube of paint and release the pigment. The rest of the world recedes. I am about to create a masterpiece…

I am alone.   I hear the music the paint is playing,  I hear the heartbeat of the canvas. The brushes whisper “we are waiting to create with you…”Before a blank canvass

My future manything-goesmasterpiece!!

I am not there yet, my skill level is nowhere near “masterpiece” level.

I cannot let that deter me. Every time I approach a blank canvass, I must have the confidence to go for it… I have to allow my vision to become a reality.  As I gather the brushes and paints, my mind has to plan each brush stroke, each colour is chosen with care. When I paint, the world recedes, the stresses of life diminish and I am alone with my creation. The future piece of artwork and I are one…

And then… after it is completed, and I step back…

Sometimes I am pleased with the result, I have accomplished what I wanted to do. perhaps not a masterpiece, but not bad for an amateur. but other times, I toss the canvass to the back of the closet with all my other failed attempts.

I will keep trying because I enjoy the creativity and the challenge.

Who knows what will happen in the Future


6 thoughts on “My Future Masterpiece

  1. For me personally, sketching and painting seems like a form of meditation. And nothing can be more satisfying than a sense of achievement. I hope that one day you do create this masterpiece that you so desire.


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