No Street Names in Yelapa

There are no Street names in the small village of Yelapa. There are no cars in Yelapa.   There are not even any roads leading to Yelapa. The small village is just south of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. The only way to get there is by boat. We went by water taxi.

Yelapa has no street names

town of Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico.

There are just a few ATV’s and lots of horses and donkeys.

If you think about it, that could lead to a very messy problem.

The solution?.. hire a town “scooper”… her job is to wander the streets scooping the poop. Luckily, the streets are narrow and few.

Stoop and Scoop at its hardest

The “Scooper” of Yelapa

Next time you walk your dog and have to “stoop and scoop”,   think of this lady.

A few of the horses at work in Yelapa.



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