Experimenting with Motion in Photography

Capturing a photograph that illustrates movement is a skill that takes a bit of practice to master. Today I gave it a try, discarded many attempts. I kept these two because the little doll can still be identified, yet the movement is evident.

I also tried panning a couple of years ago, when our dog was chasing a stick. I clearly need more practice.

Photographing movement

Experimenting with panning

Just for fun I am including a gallery of puffin photos that I took in Newfoundland. They do show some movement especially in the wings. By the way, these little guys are fun to see and photograph. This was the fulfillment of a bucket list item.



9 thoughts on “Experimenting with Motion in Photography

  1. That’s the fun part about photography–all kinds of room for experimenting and trying out new ideas. All of these are good, but I especially like the pictures of the Newfoundland puffins. Photographing animals can be unpredictable, and it looks like you caught these shots at just the right moment. The wings in motion show up well. I’ll probably come back to this post, as I like the layout for the puffin pictures. 🙂 Great work!

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