Where is the Warm Light?

Another dreary day, in fact we had rain and even hail at one point. Conscientious student that I am, I bundled up, grabbed my camera and went in search of some light. I could not find any warm light or warm air, my fingers were cold holding the camera. Overcast winter skies do not make for great photography. The best contrast in lighting was on the creek from under the bridge.

I found an interesting weed to photograph (you may remember yesterday, I enjoy closeups of weeds)

light and shadow on weeds

light and shadow on the weeds

So I will have to “cheat” and include a couple of photos from my collection with warm light. One is from a bouquet. the others are taken on the Canadian prairies, and in Utah.

Writing on Stone National Park

Through the fence and down the path

Writing on Stone National Park

Sun on a round boulder

Bryces Canyon, Utah

Through  an Arch


Sun on my Bouquet

Please let me know your thoughts and give me some critique.


7 thoughts on “Where is the Warm Light?

  1. The photo through the fence is my favourite of this collection, but I like the closeup of the weed too. Isn’t it fun looking for beauty in the simple, ordinary things that are so often overlooked?


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