As my two months in Puerto Vallarta draws to a close, it is appropriate to talk about the term “one love.” The world seems to be filled with more intolerance than ever.Our differences in religion, political views, gender, colour, ethnicity and sexual orientation should not matter.  Just like these flags, we should hang together in harmony, not blown about and torn by hatred and bigotry.

Puerto Vallarta seems to have the “One Love” we all need.
When on vacation in this town, we leave the everyday hassle of life behind. Here, we walk the beach and hear many languages, we swim in the ocean with people of every race. This is a very inclusive town and a destination for the LGBT community. It is a city where gay and straight vacation in harmony. It is a place where Christians and Muslims walk side by side on the Malecon. This is where One Love is celebrated in bars and restaurants, resorts and beaches and I love the ONE LOVE vibe in this place.

As Bob Marley sang…
“One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel all right…”
We all live together under the same moon, one human race.

One Love
One Love