Harmony almost happened last night. It started innocently enough, it was “girls night out”. We started at the Cheeky Monkey to watch the sunset. It’s a beautiful scene, and a must-do if you are ever in Puerto Vallarta.
“It’s Time to Say Good Bye ” is played as the sun slowly sinks into the ocean. A beautiful  harmony between man and nature… (Maybe that was the margaritas talking). We wandered up the river to Cafe Roma for dinner. A couple of great pizzas to share, a couple of beer. It was Karaoke night and we quite enjoyed listening to our fellow tourists having fun, that is, until someone had a great idea. “We should all get up and sing.” she said. Remember the margaritas? I am usually too smart to subject anyone to my singing, but up we went… Chantilly Lace in 4 part harmony…

Now THAT’s harmony?

I guess you had to be there to appreciate our attempt at Harmony .