leap (n.) a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards.

I like the meaning of the word leap.untitled

I have always enjoyed leaping . As a child I would leap and run, in the forest, up the hills, and along the beach. Now I can only imagine myself gracefully leaping and twirling like a dancer. Don’t get me wrong, I still climb the hills and hike in the forest. A long walk on the beach is wonderful but if I was still young and agile, I could leap like a deer as it bounds over a fence to disappear into the forest. It seems as I age, my leaping days are over…

But wait…

Leap is still the perfect word to describe how I want to approach each new day, each new opportunity in life. I want to move forward in life…on purpose, self propelled, upwards and always forward.

This is a season of change. I am sitting by a pool in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico writing this post. Spending so much time relaxing in the sun has given me the opportunity to reflect on my life. (Whether I want to or not). In the past, I was the victim of circumstance and poor choices. I was shy and afraid. I am now, not only welcoming change, but I am taking a giant leap into all that my new life is offering. My old life ended suddenly. A horrible betrayal, followed by a divorce. I stayed in a state of shock and grief for a time. Eventually I had to make a decision. I had to make a choice. I could feel sorry for myself and wallow in sadness and self pity, or I could take a leap into uncharted territory. I chose the latter. I sold my house, changed my name and retired. I soon began dating and I am here in Mexico with an amazing man. Leaping up out of the shadows and into a new life was a great choice. I am bursting with joy.

As a wise friend told me.. “The best is yet to come.” I eagerly embrace each new day. The only way to truly live is to forget what is past and look forward with excited anticipation. Life is good! Life is very good indeed. Today is the perfect day for leaping.